1. Process understanding of wet granulation process

Wet granulation process is one of the most commonly used processes in pharmaceutical industry. Whether it is from laboratory equipment or scale-up batch equipment to production batch equipment, or from existing production equipment to equipment with larger production capacity, it is recognized that it is difficult to design and scale up the process. The main reason is the existence of various process parameters and competition mechanism in granulation process. Based on the mechanism and data, the research group will identify the key physical property parameters (CMA) of complex materials (such as traditional Chinese medicine extract and high hygroscopicity material), and establish the relationship between CMA digitization and the type and amount of wetting agent by deep learning and simulation combined with high shear wet granulation or spinning extrusion process, so as to realize the process understanding of wet granulation process and realize the material The deep integration of material, equipment and process provides a theoretical basis for the establishment of a robust wet granulation process.

2. Process understanding of tableting process

Tablet is one of the most widely used oral drug delivery systems. Currently, the "black box" phenomenological experiment is still used as the main method in the current research. The research on the dynamic behavior and formation mechanism of pressed component particles in tablet has not been reported. The research group intends to use the particle discrete element method to simulate the behavior changes of prescription particles in the process of tablet formation from the micro perspective, systematically analyze the constitutive relationship of complex tablet prescription particle system and the formation mechanism of tablet, and explain the mechanism of complex dynamic response determining the macro mechanical properties (hardness, brittleness and disintegration) of tablets, which is conducive to improving our understanding of tablet looseness, fragmentation and stickiness The cognitive ability and predictive level of quality control such as tablet failure, tablet fragility, disintegration time limit and dissolution were evaluated. This interpretation of the "white box" theory of tablet system cognition will provide a new idea and theoretical basis for the research and development of solid preparations in China.

3.  R&D of the controlled release fertilizer

Urea, as the main nitrogen fertilizer, plays an important role in increasing crop yield. However, there are some defects in the use of urea, such as volatile loss, leaching loss, transformation and environmental friendliness. Therefore, this project plans to use urea as the core material, renewable resources biomass rice husk carbon as coating, natural starch as binder, to prepare a new controlled-release fertilizer, in order to achieve the nutrient release rate and plant growth needs synchronization, and has the inherent function of rice husk carbon to improve soil properties. This technology has not been reported at home and abroad.